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About us

C. I. Contractors, Inc. (CIC), is a Small Business Hub Zone Certified General Contractor.

Founded in 1984, over the past 30 years we have built on our strengths, augmented our management group and transformed CIC into a full-service integrated general construction company with emphasis on civil site work, underground utilities installation and demolition services.

We have successfully completed many complex civil projects in extremely remote locations becoming expert in solving construction and logistics problems in some of the most difficult environments in the US. Our clients include a wide range of private, commercial, industrial firms and governmental agencies.

CIC Has a a large fleet of equipment available for rent or sale.

CIC provides the highest quality insurance and bonding available in the industry, with insurance limits of $10 Mil. per project and bonding limits up to $50 Mil.

CiC, has an excellent safety record and is committed to provide a safe working environment for our employees. We believe no task is too difficult to do safely.

Our Services

• General Civil Construction.

• Demolition Services.

• Equipment Rental.

• Underground Utilities

• Remote site Civil Construction.


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